fedrq - querying Fedora repositories

Querying repositories

Part of my $DAILYJOB is digging in multiple Fedora repositories. Every time I prepare a package update, I check whether the update has a potential to break something. Typically I set up lists of packages that require my package and build them in a isolated environment, before hitting the real Fedora. I heavily use Copr as a test bed (described in detail in the talk from DevConf 2023). In that talk I show and comment a bunch of repoqueries. Repoqueries do the job, but they're nearly-impossible to come up with (correctly) and if I lost my bash history, I'd be left crying on the floor. (Not really though, in the end I've got the talk recording \<evil laughter>).


This is where fedrq comes to the scene. A new tool with a new approach by an incredibly active Fedora community member, gotmax23. I spent a jolly day with it and decided to create this cheatsheet to help me translate my use cases to fedrq and ease the migration.



Powerful feature of the tool; list them all with:

$ fedrq formatters --attrs

And format the output of the tool with -F <formatter>. Many more things are possible, refer to the documentation.

What package does a file belong to?

# Fedora Rawhide
$ fedrq pkgs -P /usr/bin/python3
# Fedora 39 (-b, --branch)
$ fedrq pkgs -b f39 -P /usr/bin/python3
# Koji - format output with name-version-release-repository
$ fedrq pkgs -r @koji:rawhide -P /usr/bin/python3 -F nevrr
# Copr repository (-r, --repo)
$ fedrq pkgs -r @copr:@python/python3.13 -P /usr/bin/python3

List all files from the package

$ fedrq pkgs python3-rich -F files

What's the full package name?

$ fedrq pkgs python-rich

$ fedrq pkgs python3-rich

What packages will be built from my source component?

I can also format output to get only names: -F name or full nevr -F nevr; or skip formatter at all.

$ fedrq subpkgs python-sphinx -F nev

The opposite: What source rpm comes my built package from?

It can take also the base name: python3-sphinx-latex.

$ fedrq pkgs python3-sphinx-latex-1:7.2.6-6.fc40.noarch -F source

Provides and requirements of my components

$ fedrq pkgs python3-sphinx -F provides
python3-sphinx = 1:7.2.6-6.fc40
python-sphinx = 1:7.2.6-6.fc40
python3.12-sphinx = 1:7.2.6-6.fc40
python3.12dist(sphinx) = 7.2.6
python3dist(sphinx) = 7.2.6

# runtime requirements
$ fedrq pkgs python3-rich -F requires
python(abi) = 3.12
(python3.12dist(pygments) < 3~~ with python3.12dist(pygments) >= 2.13)
python3.12dist(markdown-it-py) >= 2.2

# buildtime requirements
$ fedrq pkgs python-rich -F requires
python3dist(pip) >= 19
(python3dist(tomli) if python3-devel < 3.11)
python3dist(poetry-core) >= 1
(python3dist(pygments) < 3~~ with python3dist(pygments) >= 2.13)
python3dist(markdown-it-py) >= 2.2


What other packages need my binary package?

whatrequires equals to wr. whatrequires-src equals to wrsrc. -s, --src means only source rpms. -S, --nosrc means exclude source rpms.

For Python -s/-S may not seem relevant, as source and built components are usually named differently, but for any other components it's crucial, compare e.g. $ fedrq pkgs ocrmypdf -S -F requires and $ fedrq pkgs ocrmypdf -F requires

equivalent to: repoquery -q --repo=rawhide{,-source} --whatrequires python3-rich

$ fedrq whatrequires python3-rich

# It can work with virtual provides too!
# don't use it though, it only matches the literal provides
$ fedrq whatrequires -s 'python3dist(rich)' -F name

# released Fedora: both fedora and updates repos
$ fedrq whatrequires --branch f38 python3-rich

Only interested in fedora repo? equivalent to: repoquery --repo=fedora{,-source} --releasever 38 --whatrequires python3-rich

$ fedrq whatrequires --branch f38 --repo @release python3-rich

What packages require any subpackage of my srpm?

equivalent to: repoquery -q --repo=rawhide{,-source} --whatrequires python3-sphinx --whatrequires python3-sphinx-latex --whatrequires python-sphinx-doc

# wrsrc is used with the source package name
$ fedrq wrsrc python-sphinx | wc -l

# compared to this - it only takes care about this concrete built package name
$ fedrq wr python3-sphinx | wc -l

What packages require python-sphinx' components on build time?

equivalent to: repoquery -q --repo=rawhide{,-source} --whatrequires python3-sphinx --whatrequires python3-sphinx-latex --whatrequires python-sphinx-doc | grep 'src$' | pkgname | sort | uniq | wc -l

$ fedrq wrsrc -s python-sphinx -F source | wc -l

The Big Python Query

Get names of the source packages in Koji that require any of the given Python provides - needed for Python rebuilds.

$ repoquery --repo=koji --source --whatrequires 'libpython3.12.so.1.0()(64bit)' --whatrequires 'python(abi) = 3.12' --whatrequires 'python3.12dist(*)' | pkgname | env LANG=en_US.utf-8 sort | uniq

Fedrq equivalent:

fedrq wr --repo='@koji:rawhide' 'python3.12dist(*)' 'python(abi) = 3.12' 'libpython3.12.so.1.0()(64bit)' -F source | env LANG=en_US.utf-8 sort | uniq

Nice little things repoquery doesn't provide easily

Breakdown of the buildtime, runtime deps and their srpm names:

$ fedrq whatrequires --branch f38 python3-rich -F breakdown

Resolve the packages required by rich on runtime. Same with build time - just change the queried package name

$ fedrq pkgs python3-rich -F requires | fedrq pkgs -iSP

Print lines matching the required package in packages that require the given package (yeah, I can't explain it). Useful for finding packages that use aggresive version constraints. Semantically the same as our notoriously horrible oneliner: for pkg in $(repoquery -q --repo=rawhide{,-source} --whatrequires python3-sphinx); do repoquery -q --repo=rawhide{,-source} --requires $pkg | grep -E '\bsphinx\b' | grep '<' && echo -e "${pkg}\n"; done

$ fedrq wr -F narm:python3-sphinx python3-sphinx | grep "<"
# only interested in runtime? -S means --nosrc
$ fedrq wr -S -F narm:python3-sphinx python3-sphinx | grep "<"