DevConf 2023: Talking about packaging in Fedora

My daily job is all about packaging. I wouldn't have believed that such an invisible (for the outsider) topic can employ hundreds people all over the world.


This year I wanted to talk at DevConf about something related to my work. That's a new - I have no issues talking at the conferences, but till now it was always community and education-centered. This was the first technical talk I wanted to deliver.

I learned some things on the way!

  • live demos aren't the greatest idea of all times. it's much better to have a static code snippets in the presentation and demo with the interested parties afterwards
  • researching a new topic takes even 10x more than preparing a topic you're already an expert in - I spent dozens of hours preparing
  • rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. 15 or 20 minutes is nothing if you're nervous, get into detailed explanation or jump to another topic in stress
  • also, while rehearsing, it's good to note down all weak points and fill in the information gaps. It helped me understand better my own work
  • reveal.js is a great presentation framework easy enough for people who don't enjoy digging in css. And publishing it on GitHub takes only a few clicks!


My talk was called Fedora package update? Assess its impact in Copr

Slides from the presentation