PyLadies at OpenAlt (CZ)

On the first November weekend Anežka Müller and me delivered a talk about PyLadies in the Czech Republic. We wanted to answer the questions people may have about what and why we do. We also shared some internal thoughts how we aim to build a sustainable format of community courses and how we deal with the inevitable perils of community activities - burnout (both on the side of the attendees and our volunteers).

The talk was in Czech. Slides are available at the conference's webpage. It's available on YouTube as a single stream, but we're hoping for a cut and enhanced version - the audio seems significantly worse than we expected.

There were quite a bunch of people attending the talk which is a nice result for a sunny Saturday. I was excited to see two of my close friends from abroad to come and hear our Czech speech.


I wanted to do something for the OpenAlt as I benefited from their talks and workshops for a few years in a row now. The online format gave me hope we could prepare something more country-centric, but in the end it was more about our local Brno chapter.

Martina from Ostrava's PyLadies helped us preparing the talk outline. For the rest of the talk we teamed up with Anežka and I'm super grateful she agreed to do this together. I'm still impressed how smooth the later preparations were and I find Anežka's insights about the mission and vision especially valuable. We should definitely do more in the future.