PyLadies at DevConf

As winter came, we decided to keep the good streak of talks given and sent an application to the Czech DevConf. Again we teamed up with Anežka and delivered a presentation called PyLadies Community in Brno: Mutual Help to Grow.

This time we focused on what drives the community builders: the people who enable the community's main focus. There are organizers, coaches, lecturers (also called the main coaches) and we realized, in short, two things:

  • the motivation to join a community often isn't the same one which prompts a person to stay in a community
  • there are real-life skills and gains to grab other than the whatever the community is about

We hoped for a real life talk on a hybrid conference which eventually wasn't possible. But the conference org team has no power over a global pandemic, so I'll just stop whining here. Kudos to the organizers who did a great job making it work virtually!

Much satisfaction, would do it again. :)