Edulog #4

That's been a ride. A bit of cold in the middle of March and diving deep in RPM ecosystem. I tried to sink into Factorio to relax, but it keeps feeling as if I just went from one job to another. It has some real charm though, so I hope I'll find my way around it.


In the middle of March I joined the big Python team course as a home assignments couch. Maybe I should focus rather on good coding practices, but I figured - I miss community courses and still have some time and energy, so I jumped right in the turtle pictures ;). This one feels completely different though. Without the power from personal encounters (saying me - not really a people's person), the whole process is much more mechanical. I start to understand the benefits of MOOC course one community member proposed around a year ago to rather uninterested audience.

Last few weeks I learned / read / attended

  • How to add desktop entries to programs in GNOME environment :).

  • How to test RPM packages using containers.

  • How to organize changes into readable commits (and that git rebase --interactive is indeed my good friend).

  • I wrote the solutions to Lab 1 and Problem Set 1 from CS50 course. I realized that C requires a different approach and understood what some people mean by thinking in a language. Being limited by what can be done, made me craft my algorithms in much careful (and, to be honest, mathematical) way I would with Python.

  • I went on a meetup regarding financial negotiations. A bit out-of-time as I am just past this phase. I'm happy to have attended though, I met a long-lost friend there and spent a super interesting evening with CyberMagnolia ladies.

  • And to Daria's lecture on Junioring 101 for Junior.Guru club. This time with a longer story about what a Site Reliability Engineer is and her own path towards tech - insightful and fun.

  • And to online board game evening with my team. After a year of pandemic it didn't occur to me that there still exist some ways to hang out with people. Weird, I used to play a lot on kurnik.

  • Following Lumir's advice to learn new habits by placing them next to our old ones and having decided I won't continue on running in my (rather broken at the moment) sport's routine, I'm in the middle of creating habit of ~1-hour-long walks with podcasts. Working well so far!

  • Continuing on The Culture Map by Erin Meyer. I see that my uncertainty regarding how to behave in business situations is justified. I identified some situations that made me uncomfortable in the past which were just a neutral part of the source culture. Hopefully I'll find time to write down some notes from the book.