Edulog #3

I started the new job on March 1st and all of my unfinished texts remain this way. The format of this weekly accomplishments may become more bi-weekly...

Last week I learned

Mostly the stuff related to my new workplace.

RPM packages

Python packages

Community related

German snippets

  • I continue to fill in Anki with new vocabulary and revise the old one. I find it the best flash card application, mobile AnkiDroid can be found on f-droid.
  • "es" can be skipped if the whole clause plays the role of subject (2). If the main clause stays at the beginning, there must be pronoun subject present, and the clause is followed by a comma (1a, 1b). The only applicable pronoun subject is "es", "das" can't be used instead.

1a) Es ist notwendig, alle Aufgaben durchzusehen.

1b) Notwendig ist es, alle Aufgaben durchzusehen.

2) Alle Aufgaben durchzusehen ist notwendig.

Polish snippets

  • I read Król by Szczepan Twardoch. The best way to spend your evenings in lockdown.