Edulog #2

My "free" month is at its end and I decided to spend most of the time doing whatever I felt like to. This includes taking long walks, playing board games and watching Doctor Who's last season.

I received plenty of information about onboarding at my new employer which is held online. Even though it was my call to switch jobs in the middle of pandemic, I still feel a bit uneasy when it comes to 100 % remote work for the next months.


  • changed processing of the underlying data of my map. I added a Python script that sorts restaurants into 4 categories depending on present tags.

Last week

  • Read about Pattern Matching, the new planned feature in Python 3.10 and tried to wrap my head around the concept.
  • Attended a few talks on DevConf.
    • Junioring 101 by Daria Grudzień - I need to implement all of this :D
    • Containers are Linux - hands-on workshop with the basics of virtualization. Quite fun and rewarding.
  • Listened to a few episodes of Easy German Podcast and I still find it the best out there for B2 level. My favourite podcast for walking!
  • Listened to an episode about women in project management called Sassy or assertive followed by reading the beginning of famous book Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg. Both very interesting but I find the diversity and discrimination topic increasingly harder to take, knowing I have no tools to change the system. I'd better focus on my job.

Plans and hopes

  • I found out about CS50 and decided to take a look at C lectures.