Edulog #1


I shall continue on the preprocessed one, it reflects the reality better.

Last week I learned

  • how to create maps using uMap, plenty of clicking and some fun included.
  • how to use GitHub Actions to deploy static website to a branch that is then served.
  • what is quick sort and how to implement it in Python.
  • how does the .spec file look like. RPM packages are created from them.
  • about the ways some communities work and why do they part their ways when business comes into scene. Inspired by the story of HegdeDoc, once derivate of which I use a lot.
  • I can't estimate development time well. It took me around 5x more to create the first map than I expected.
  • a lot of various stuff from club. I wasn't sure I'll benefit from there, I am.

I intend to purchase the access once I start getting paid again :)

Plans and hopes